• Jada Imani

Being Intertwined

I drew it out in my mind. There is a world. A sphere with electric sort of web. Some of us are trying to fit into it. Many of us are trying to find our way through it.

This world is being affected by everyone who is in it. (Hence the chaos.) The electricity is like our collective nervous system. The web carries our thoughts (and feelings.) I think people underestimate and/or completely forget that their life has an impact on everything. We all live here and we are part of the “global community” after all. Even though some of us hide away from our immediate community. As in, we don’t talk to our neighbors, we slip through silently in class or we’re invisible at work. Yet our thoughts speak for us. They give us what we have to show for in life, and more.

As everyone puts their thoughts into the world constantly, do we think their thoughts don’t matter? Thoughts = matter. Period. No matter who’s they are. But that’s just the thing. A lot of people’s minds house thinking that is not their own. Intelligence is a sort of strength and with a chain of who’s-thinking-what, only the strongest minds are outputting thoughts that are original or true to them.

Then we wonder why some people have such great influence over the rest. How does one percent of the population hold the majority of the wealth and say over the rest of the world? We know a lot about distractions and entertainment and how those can be used to keep people hypnotized into complacency but let us take it a step further. We also see that many people live on auto-pilot. That’s how days, which turn years, can easily go by in a blur. That paired with media distractions can leaves a person’s life force open to siphoning and their thinking power open to suggestion.

If one person can influence the thinking of another, they have doubled the mental power that contributes to the materialization of their own initial thought. Some individuals have found a way to utilize the thinking of countless numbers of people in order to help build their single version of reality. In turn, these individuals have full populations powering their machine and carrying out their will. (Hence, the exploitation of innocent workers, colonization, and vulnerable populations acting as faithful consumers for the unthinkably rich and wealthy.)

If you learn to adopt the thought processes of these sort of people, it is likely that you would set yourself apart from typical thinking and your world would morph to be more like theirs. Some people may consider this in order to live comfortably. We all deserve comfort. Yet sometimes life’s best gifts like discovery of truth, true connection and love exist outside of comfort and definitely do not pair well with coercion.

What this says to me is to apply thought power to generate a world of my own without considering for even a moment to assimilate the depth of my soul into some mental elitist club to rule others’ thinking. To do the latter I suspect is what it is like to join “the illuminati.” They illuminate this dynamic of the thinking power to a way so tangible that you cannot see the world the same again. Then you join the club. It’s likely that you take an oath to keep this thinking in the hands of the few so that the rest can be easily manipulated and continually used as batteries for your influence.

If these thoughts I write and share hit people, I would hope it is not just individuals who are open and ready to consume any influence. I do not intend to be a master who bends people’s thoughts to my own will. I do not intend to rack up the karma, guilt or responsibility associated with such manipulation and deceit. I intend to offer word to help us think, feel and live more. I would hope for these to be words to be found by those who crave freedom and take active steps each day to live in oneness. Oneness as in ability to be one alone in solitude, and the ability to be connected- as one- in union with life.

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