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Surrender: To Manifest

A friend on instagram encouraged Jasmine Fuego and I to talk about the topic of surrender. On a weekly basis, I went on instagram live with Jasmine to speak on different topics, which has been a truly rewarding practice. When it came to the topic of surrender, I felt like I had nothing to offer. I felt like I didn’t know what surrender truly meant. I have a lot of passion, desire, drive, and ambition. I have emotional attachments and all the other human things. I also love to feel in control of my life - like I have freedom, independence and agency. Surrender seemed too cringey to talk about to be honest. However, after a series of events like getting my laptop stolen, working with my daily practice and a couple of weeks of contemplation, some ideas came to me that I would be happy to share. I organized them into sections that are based on beliefs about surrender that are worth challenging:

Belief #1: Surrender weakens you.

This belief is a natural extension of the idea that surrender is a relinquishing of your power. There are paupitible differences between (1) throwing your agency into a void, so to speak, (2) being stripped and left defenseless and (3) offering personal will to a greater power.  Which is in essence a bigger version of yourself, so that you may join forces and see that returned to you tenfold. Letting go of material fixation is a sort of surrender of worldly attachment that welcomes even more cosmic power. From greed to generosity, from stressing to visualization. Expansive thinking can be as valuable as fighting skills or speed which strengthens the inner tools that are available to you.

Belief #2: If I surrender, I just let anything happen to me.  

Surrender doesn’t have to be a replacement for discernment, intuition, or dignity. It is another evolutionary step in collaboration with those essentials. I see surrender as an honoring of that which is. It can also be used in tandem with manifestation practice. For example, you know thoughts create things and hard work pays off. As you dedicate your thoughts and your work, the next thing to do is surrender anxieties and doubt. This is because you know the nature of cause and effect is bigger than either of those.

A lot of us learned to think of the world as a bully and to stay vigilant - with our defenses up even in front of the tender parts of life - leaving us inappropriately guarded and at times out of accordance with our surroundings.  Those of us may need a simple reminder that the world is not out to get you.

When you know nothing is out to get you, you can let things come to you.

Belief #3: Surrender only in the face of defeat.

I think it is better to surrender to calm than it is to surrender to chaos. I would hope to hold fast to my peace of mind as much as possible in the face of drama, pettiness, and daily stressors. To remain vigilant then, and refuse surrender until I enter a space of stillness. Then only would it be right for me to be consumed because it is by a greater peace.

(I mean don’t surrender to the BS! Surrender to the uncertainty of the new life you are leaping into instead of surrendering to the the sticky, played-out patterns of your old life. You’re so much better than that).

Belief #4: Surrender means I don’t have to work.

Procrastination is false surrender. Sometimes we procrastinate to resist what is most important to us. The thought of trying and flopping at something we care less about may be unpleasant but it’s not terrible. The thought of trying and failing at something we care about deeply is incredibly painful. Because of that, we may put it off and distract ourselves with competing priorities that aren’t truly where our heart is. Sometimes we may trick ourselves into thinking that we’ve surrendered our dream to a higher power and it’s taken care of. That way we do not have to put ourselves out there, be vulnerable, or take actions toward our desires. This may be the other side of the spectrum of those who use micro-management to avoid surrender. I think both are equally ineffective for manifesting. Because the thing about surrender is that it will make you move when it’s time. To be moved by your dream is to answer the call, to listen to what you put out and how it wants to make its way back to you.

When we say a prayer, our last utterance is “ashé” which means “and so it is” (or “amen” which means “so be it”). That’s the point where surrender begins.  To refuse to surrender is to think that somehow these universal truths; (thoughts create things, hard work pays off, intentions manifest, etc.) will not be true tomorrow as it is today, or that it somehow doesn’t work for you, as if you are not made from this same life fabric.

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